Connecting catalysis actors in Wallonia and Brussels

Connecting catalysis actors in Wallonia and Brussels The group gathers the academic laboratories, research centers and industries active in the field of catalysis in the Wallonia Region of Belgium and in Brussels, in order to enhance Belgian competencies and activities in this field.


All types of catalysis are concerned: homogeneous / heterogeneous / enzymatic and bio-catalysis / autocatalysis / electrocatalysis / organocatalysis…

By means of a newsletter, all members will be kept informed of events, lectures, … organized in the field of catalysis; we believe that these occasions to meet will develop links between catalysis actors in our region, allow exchanges and enhance the constitution of a catalysis network / working group – in a first time, at the level of Wallonia and Brussels, possibly later at the level of the country.

We could envision the collection of ideas for joint submission of research projects, the industrial “parrainage” of research projects, … all initiatives to make catalysis research more visible.